Sunday, January 5, 2014

Boo, Ed Sheeran!

I kid, I kid. Ed Sheeran was allegedly going to make an announcement tomorrow that people are speculating has to do with a new album (ie. I'm praying it's a new album). But, alas, Mr. Sheeran posted this just a little while ago:

Well, you lucky little people in the UK and Ireland, you get the announcement before us. Maybe share? Haha.

This still confuses me, though. How do you only make an announcement for two countries? I mean, I understand the idea of it but not the logistics. You can announce something in another country but the entire world will probably find out at some point, especially if you're someone as high profile as Sheeran. Maybe the announcement only has to do with the UK and Ireland, which would mean the people speculating a tour announcement could be right.

Either way, tomorrow we'll hear something (though, at this point, I'm not wagering on new album news).

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