Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bury the Hatchet Tour New Photo

Okay, I'm still tripping over the fact that Escape the Fate is VOLUNTARILY going on tour with Falling in Reverse. Ronnie Radke and Craig Mabbitt in the same space together without killing each other seems like some sort of bad trip. Then guitarist Robert Ortiz had to go ahead and post a new photo on his Instagram yesterday and I'm kind of in shock.

And, yes, you're seeing properly. The guy to the left (your left) of Ronnie Radke is indeed Max Green, the same Max Green that was kicked out of Escape the Fate over a year ago because of drug abuse. Apparently Green has rejoined Escape the Fate.

I know, I know, I'm losing it, too. Just take deep breaths and accept it all and move on with your life. I mean, it's only Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse; we're not talking about Bert McCracken and Gerard Way suddenly becoming friends or, even better MY CHEM GETTING BACK TOGETHER. Nope. 

*sigh* I guess this is just as important to some people. 

Well, congrats boys for successfully putting your differences aside and acting like grown ups. Well done. 

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