Sunday, January 5, 2014

Concert Tips: Your Hair and Mosh Pits

    Let's take a moment to talk about hair and mosh pits, shall we?

   Alright, ladies and gentlemen, here's the thing: no one wants strands of your hair in her mouth or caught in her bracelets after a show. No one. And no one wants to accidentally pull your head back because your hair got caught around her wrist.

   Yeah, no. No no no. It's gross, unhygienic, painful, and did I mention gross?

   Now, I understand the trials and tribulations of having long hair in a mosh pit. Back in high school, my hair went down to my lower back. It's shorter now, but still long enough to cause me problems and it's curly. Over the years I've had to learn how to protect it, and my fellow concert goers, from its fury.

   Ladies (and gentlemen, if you're into this sort of thing), here are a few tips.

   1. Straighten your hair before the show. If you straighten it, it becomes a bit more manageable.

   2. Once the bands go on, you know you're going to go insane. You're going to push your way to the front and keep your arms up and sing along and dance around all night. Therefore, that hair is going to get all sticky and matted to the back of your neck or it will get tangled in someone's camera string, bracelet, etc. To avoid the pain and agony of having your hair ripped from your scalp, put it up in a pony tail (the higher the better) or braids. My friend has this crazy ability to braid her angles/bangs thing back and pin it and then put it in a pony tail. I am not quite so gifted with braids. I used to put my hair in pigtail braids but, ever since I got layers, that's a little more difficult. I just toss it in a high pony tail and pray it stays.

   3. When head banging, please be considerate of the people behind you. You have a majestic mane of hair and other people will admire long as it's not in their mouths.

  4. Don't freak out if someone pulls your hair. Chances are he or she didn't mean to. Just gently pull your hair over your shoulder and try and keep it there.

  5. After the concert, make sure you wash and condition your hair really well. Rock shows are murder on hair because of all the smoke and the flying water bottles and the hands ending up in your glossy, flowing locks. Even if it's late, take one. Your hair will thank you in the morning.

 6. If you straightened and teased your hair (I'm looking at you, scene girls), make sure to apply a deep conditioning treatment to it. You can do a homemade one (avocado and linseed oil work really well) or the Aussie "3 Minute Miracle" is amazing and is relatively cheap.

  Alright, people, there's my first tip. Hope this one helps, as it is one near and dear to my heart (I'm telling you, people, my poor hair is going to hate me soon).

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