Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lynette Williams' "Ghosts"

Lynette Williams has a hauntingly beautiful voice, the kind of voice that seeps into the paint, then the sheetrock, and finally the insulation and wood of your walls until it becomes a part of your space forever. Her voice’s lasting power is showcased beautifully In her new song, “Ghosts”, the video for which premiered a month ago. The haunting lyrics coupled with her beautiful, almost raspy voice, makes for a perfect song with an even more beautiful video. 
"Ghosts", much like "Frida", is a simple video that has Lynette in different areas of a minimalist church. It’s just her, sometimes with her guitar, with the backing track of the song. Unlike the "Frida" video, though, this video is monochromatic, various gradients of black washing the film. 
The song itself is one of my favorites. For all its melancholy, there is something about the song that is light, almost as if Lynette’s voice lends a sense of brightness to the work. Lynette has found a balance between sadness and hope and executes it well. 
Lynette’s lyrics and music have a Bon Iver feel to them. This song, in particular, reminds me of “The Wolves (Act I and II)”. There is something cold to the song, something remote that is only accentuated by the haunting quality of Lynette’s voice. 
Overall, it’s a great song and a wonderful video that I hope all of you will check out (here's the link: Lynette Williams Ghosts )

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