Friday, January 3, 2014

New Playlist for You Guys: Cold Days

In case you didn't realize it, I love making playlists (my Spotify account is a little ridiculous to say nothing of all the mix CDs I made my friends in high school and college). You guys are going to get the benefit of my mix obsession.

In honor of the snow we got here in the Northeast, I made you guys a little mix of songs that are perfect to lounge in bed to, the kind of music you can sit back and read and drink tea to.

There be the link:

Cold Days

And here be the track listing:

1. White Winter Hymnal- Birdy -> I know, I know, Fleet Foxes did the song first but this version is so haunting and just...cold...but in a good way. It was the perfect track to start the mix with.

2. Sunburn- Ed Sheeran -> Don't let the title fool you. The kind of sunburn that I imagine is the kind that you get while skiing or while lying on the snow with the white, white sun of winter hitting your face.

3. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- Birdy -> Once again, I know this is a cover, but Birdy does a brilliant job of improving on already flawless originals.

4. W.L.S.T.D- H.I.M-> Holy acronyms, Batman, I know. ANYWAY, those lovely Finns just released their latest album, Tears on Tape, late April of 2013 and it is full of heart wrenching gems such as the one provided (W.L.S.T.D stands for "when love starts to die"). Valo's voice has always held a touch of winter so any song by these pretty rockers would fit but this is definitely my favorite off that album.

5. Haunt//Bed- The 1975-> this kind of has an early Kill Hannah feel to it, which is what first attracted me to this track (it also speaks to its placement on this mix). Matt Healy's voice loses some of its bubblegum-ness and takes on an almost ethereal quality that just reminds me of climbing back to my dorm on cold Binghamton nights.

6. He Believes in Time Machines- Kill Hannah-> One of my favorite tracks of all time. Mat Devine has such a unique voice and this track really showcases it. Plus, there's something really chilling about this song.

7. I See Fire- Ed Sheeran-> This track, penned for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, is eerily haunting and full of power. There's a feeling of desperation and anguish to this track that speaks of desolate winters and the loneliness it brings. I also just really love this track so...

8. Song or Suicide- HIM-> one of the simpler and more honest tracks on HIM's 2007 release, Venus Doom, "Song or Suicide" is track where the listener gets to experience the more vulnerable Ville Valo. It's one of their more underrated tracks.

9. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You- 1975-> I am going to get killed on this one but it kind of reminds me of "A Song to Sing" off of Hanson's second album, This Time Around, (that was a solid album, people; Taylor Hanson had better pipes at sixteen/seventeen than most people will ever have). Anyway, there's something very raw about this song, with the quiet piano and Healy allowing his voice to get a little raspy, that fits winter to a tee.

10. A Song to Sing- Hanson-> I am so not ashamed about still loving this song. It's such a mature, blues-inspired track for such a young band (like I mentioned before, I think Taylor, the middle one, was sixteen when they were writing and recording this record). If no one knew it was Hanson, they would just think it's a great blues song. The lyrics themselves are gritty and dark and the piano is absolutely stunning. Love it and embrace it, people, love it and embrace it.

11. No One Dreams Anyway- Kill Hannah-> There are two versions of this track. One is from an earlier release (I believe it's from The Curse of Kill Hannah but don't quote me) but this version is from their 2003 major label debut, For Never and Ever. That's a solid debut if there has ever been one so you should all check that album out immediately (you'll be better people, promise). This track closes out the album and features static like noise and a slow beginning that reaches a powerful crescendo only Mat Devine can pull off.

12. Lullaby- The Cure-> One of my all time favorite The Cure songs. That's all I can say about this track (that and I would marry Robert Smith's voice but I would definitely cheat on it with Ville Valo's pipes).

13. Holocene- Bon Iver-> I was an English and creative writing major. Did we think I wasn't going to like Bon Iver? This is definitely one of the songs I played on repeat while up in Binghamton, hiding from the cold while writing and reading diligently. Hence, it has to be included on a winter mix (it's perpetual winter, up there in Binghamton- perpetual winter).

14. You Could Be Happy- Snow Patrol-> I did not pick this for the band name (though it did help when remembering what songs I wanted to put on this list). Though the song has a bit of a jingly sound to it, there's a serious level of angst that suits the dark, cold winters that I love.

Alrighty then, lovies, I hope you all enjoyed this. Remember, the link is above and here: Cold Days. I hope you like it and maybe check out some of the bands listed.

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