Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Tool for Up and Coming Musicians has just launched this lovely new site, MTV Artists. There, you can hit the explore button at the top and choose either by genre, collections, emerging and more. The really great thing about this site is that it's also tailored for the artists, including upcoming ones.

If you have a band or are a solo artists, you can click the "Are you an artist?" link and read all about claiming your page, connecting with MTV and taking advantage of the different opportunities MTV can afford you.

Now, I know all you little artists out there are too goo for the "main stream" but, here's the thing- MTV is still MTV and has had a part in launching the career of a ton of greats (and not so greats, but I won't judge). Any exposure is good exposure, eh?

Because I'm nice, I did a little research for all of you and tracked down reasons why you would make a page. Here are some of them:

1. Exposure to Possible Fans: Fans are going to be driven to this site through the TV, social networking, etc. Personally, I checked the site out during the winter season premiere of Teen Wolf. A Robots Don't Sleep song was playing during the show and they had the little bar thing at the bottom of the screen telling me the name of the song and to check out for more info. I foolishly thought they would have a playlist on there or something but, nope, I found this and have been exploring and checking out new music ever since. Think about how many other teens and twenty-somethings are going to check out that site because maybe they like a song during a show. Yeah, this is basically free advertising for you, the artist, so I would take advantage of that.

2. Get Your Music Noticed by MTV: MTV has people who curate the "best" music for their sites, soundtracks, etc. This new site is going to be another way for them to notice new artists. If you ever wanted that kind of exposure, now's your chance. I mean, come on. Think of Skins or the OC or even One Tree Hill. We all found new music through those shows. I lived off of trying to find what songs were playing when. Unfortunately, when I was thirteen, I had to wait for the soundtracks to be released. Now, MTV and CW does that convenient little thing where they list what songs played during the show. Imagine if it was your band's song and name floating at the bottom of the screen for millions of viewers to notice. Think about that kind of publicity. If you make a page, there's a better chance you could be noticed by MTV's curators.

3. Make Money: Apparently, artists will soon be able to collect tips and sell merchandise and tickets through this site. You'll also be able to access analytics. Sounds pretty good.

Oh, and most of this is free. You'll have to sign up for an ArtistLink account. Ever ArtistLink member get s a free MTV Artists Page where you can start this little journey. There are some premium features, through TopSpin, that can be used with a fee but, for the most part, everything you need is free.

Remember, the site is still in beta mode so it's not completely there yet but it's still worth a glance. If you want to know more, check out the main site or, if you're an artist, head over to their artist resources page. Good luck!

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