Monday, January 6, 2014

No new Ed Sheeran News for the least "not for a while"

Ouch, guess that means we won't find out about a tour or anything soon. This morning, Ed Sheeran fans in the UK and Ireland got some exciting news; in October, he will be doing his first UK tour since 2012. Pretty cool.

I figured these geographically specific announcements had to do with a tour. Apparently, according to his (rather sassy) manager there is going to be a new album (there would have to be if he was embarking on another round of touring) before October, when the UK tour stars.

Well, at leas there's that. But when a US fan asked about there being a US announcement, Mr. Stuart replied, "not for a while.." 

Okay, I'm cool with that. As long as there's new music coming, I'm set. My issue, though, is that this Stuart individual, who is supposed to be representing Mr. Down to Earth Ed Sheeran, is getting kind of sassy with fans. At one point he tweeted: 

Wow, you have a day off that's being interrupted. If I had a dollar for every time my day off or my mother's day off or my father's day off was interrupted I can guarantee you we would all be millionaires. Also, why didn't you guys push off the announcement, then? You know, so you could enjoy your day off? It wasn't imperative that the tour be announced today, was it? Also, this is your job. You do not need to get short with fans. Some of his best responses were: "come on, look at his website"; "and you're asking me why?"; "they should probably learn to read...every day, since Christmas Eve, I've been saying it's UK/Ireland only." 

Oh, Mr. Stuart, please remember you are dealing with a fairly young demographic here. Being short with them is not necessary or professional. You're just going to garner responses like this one:

We get it, Stuart, you don't like your job. You don't want to reply. But there were so many other ways you could have handled this like, oh, I don't know, not answering the "annoying" ones. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn't get too big for your britches; these kids are the ones who are paying to get into the shows, buy your extremely overpriced merchandise, and download your CDs. You should be happy these kids are so excited. 

It seems this little announcement turned into something rather disgusting and it kind of put me off even caring about Ed Sheeran's new album or tour. 

Ed, a little advice- next time you make a tour announcement, don't defer questions to your irritable manager. Thanks. 

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