Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review of Zane Carney's "Amalgam"


    Zane Carney is one of the most talented guitarists out there today. He's played guitar for John Mayer, was the orchestra guitarist for Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, played lead guitar for Carney, the band he was in with his brother, Reeve, and has launched a solo career built on hard work and talent. On February 10th, Zane will release his debut guitar album, Amalgam, but I luckily got a first listen to it and I can definitely tell you it's worth the pre-order (which you can do on iTunes starting January 27th).
Zane Carney is one of the most promising and talented guitarists out there today. He's worked with John Mayer, played in the orchestra for
    While the album dapples in a lot of different sounds, testing many different styles, the overall jazz influence glues everything together and prevents it from becoming too overwhelming. Tracks like "Diamonds" and "Smoke and Mirrors" feature the smooth, soulful playing that fans have come to love while tracks like "Snow" and "Gambit"definitely play around with his rock and blues background.
     Carney fans should not lament, though. My favorite track, "Bordeaux", reminds me of Mr. Green, Vol. 1. With the undulating sounds of the guitar being punctuated with the low tones of the bass, fans will almost expect Reeve to jump in with vocals.
     Zane has an incredible range as a guitarist and, in Amalgam, he showcases his skills well, but not in an overpowering way. It's smooth and controlled, paced so that the listener can enjoy the talent and not be overwhelmed by it.
     Remember, starting January 27th, you can preorder it on iTunes. If you preorder, "Good Ol' Roy", the first track off the album, will download automatically. The album goes on sale to the public February 10th. And, if you're in New York, Zane will be playing the lovely Rockwood Music Hall February 4th and 11th (21+, babes). He'll also be playing LA at the Hotel Cafe January 27th, but I'm a New Yorker and New York is always more important to me.

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