Friday, January 10, 2014

The Maudlin Strangers


   Later this weekend you're going to get a write up of the interview I did with Timothy Garrett, the artist/director extraordinaire behind Zane Carney's new album artwork. During our interview he mentioned an up and coming band he's going to be working with called The Maudlin Strangers. Timothy was kind enough to send me a link to their free download of their EP and now I'm kind of hooked.

   The Maudlin Strangers are a California band that sound like an English band. Their vocals are similar to those of the Arctic Monkeys while their sound is a cross between old school Kings of Leon (we're talking Youth and Young Manhood and Aha Shake Heartbreak era Kings), the Libertines, and Suck It and See era Arctic Monkeys. Their EP, the Overdose EP, is a collection of six, excellent tracks that should probably be in all of your iTunes collections. I can't really pick a favorite out of all the tracks but if I was pressed to, it would probably be AIM. The song itself has a smooth, slow sound that really showcases the vocals. "Overdose" is another standout track that, luckily, is going to be made into a video.

  Check out their main website or check out their Facebook or twitter. A link to a free download of their EP can be found on their Facebook site. And, just for you, I've attached a video for their song "Penny". Thank me later.

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