Monday, January 20, 2014

The Used Announce New Album

   Apparently The Used are going to be releasing a new album April 1st. I haven't been their biggest fan since In Love and Death but there have been some quality tracks since then. My overall feeling is that they are good at what they originally set out to do- simple, hard rock music with messages of despair, rebellion and anguish- but shouldn't venture too far into the concept album waters. 

   With the reveal of the track list and the new album cover, I have a small inkling that they are going to try and do something a little different for them. Titled Imaginary Enemy, the new album's cover features the faces of quite a few political figures all with their eyes crossed out. The accompanying track list brings home to point that this album is going to be political ("War on Terror", "Revolution"). I'm all for progression; I love when bands try something new and explore new territory but I'm honestly worried that, instead of amazing music we're only going to get a poor attempt at a political statement. The Used don't have have the greatest track record, though, with experimentation and I'm kind of feeling this might turn into a Rock Against Bush disaster (yes, that was a 2004 release that punk bands put out in hopes of fueling anti-Bush feelings before the 2004 election; obviously that failed epically). 

 The Used have some solid tracks and two amazing records that are still permanent members of my iTunes collection- The Used and In Love and Death. They've stumbled a lot in the past but, hopefully, this new album won't be the disaster I fear it's going to be. 

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