Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This is not a drill, people. Stop what you're doing, head over to Daniel Johns' new website and sign up for his mailing list. Then, go follow him on his Facebook and his twitter because, apparently, at least according to Silverchair's Facebook page , tomorrow Daniel is releasing a new single and will be releasing a new album later in the year.

Deep breathing, deep breathing.

Now, for all you uneducated peasants out there (I love you all, really), Silverchair is an Australian rock band that originally started out as a grunge outfit (they were called "Nirvana in pajamas" for a while due to their young age) and developed into a versatile band that created timeless albums like Neon Ballroom and Diorama. Unfortunately, on May 25, 2011 (a day that will live in infamy, darlings, right there with March 22, 2013 when MCR broke up), Silverchair announced they were going on an "indefinite hiatus". Why they couldn't be like Blink-182 and miraculously return is beyond me (dear God, I will gladly offer Blink for Silverchair) but now we have this amazing news that DANIEL JOHNS IS RETURNING!

Why am I happy about Mr. Johns' return to music? Darlings, he is the mastermind behind the lyrics and much of Silverchair's music, particularly Neon Ballroom and beyond. He also did amazing work with producer Paul Mac on a side project called The Dissociatives. He has a wide range of experience, going from grunge to more classical inspired tunes and even electronic, so anything goes with his solo record. Whatever direction he chooses, though, fans can wager that it will probably be amazing. Just look at the work he did with Young Modern. Some of those tracks were amazing rock tracks and other solid pop songs. Johns doesn't allow himself to be pigeon holed into one sound and that's one of his greatest assets. He experiments and he experiments well.

Also, with new music comes tours (except in the case of The Strokes; don't ask me what happened there, though they are apparently playing this year's Governor's Ball in NYC). Will he come to the US?  Silverchair, historically, never really toured the US much but, hopefully that will change with this solo endeavor (Oh, please let him come to the US, please). But, until we know for sure, we're getting new music.

So, yes, follow the links above, click on the little "like" and "follow" buttons and subscribe to his mailing list because I have a feeling that this is going to be an amazing new era in music.

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