Sunday, March 16, 2014

Davey Havok Side Project?

  I'm not saying it's definitely a Davey Havok side project but listening to XTRMST's music makes me think it's almost definitely Davey Havok's side project. Only Havok has the voice that is powering these very old school-AFIesque songs and, not for nothing, it's the best AFI music put out by a non-AFI band EVER (does that make sense?)

  Reports about this band sprung up March 15th across social media sites and I liked the Facebook page when they had 125 likes. It now has 779 and I'm pretty sure that once people actually give this band a listen, the likes are going to rise rapidly.

  Their music is available for a listen and free download here and, if you're into old school, All Hallow's EP/ The Art of Drowning/ Black Sails in the Sunset era AFI (or hardcore in general), you're going to want to give it a listen.


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