Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mikey Way's Electric Century

Mikey was always the quiet one, every one's little brother (even though he was older than most of us), and the solid presence behind older brother Gerard. He was the one who brought Gerard Way to see the Smashing Pumpkins and came up with the name My Chemical Romance. In other words, Mikey Way has always been incredibly important and has always known music so it's no surprise that he's already announcing his new project- Electric Century.

Electric Century, which also features New London Fire's David Debiak and ex-Stars in Stereo guitarist Justin Siegel, is not really a new project. Mikey told MTV that in a seventh grade science class he wrote the name on a notebook and thought that he had to make that band happen (the guy obviously has a knack for naming bands; if there was such a career he would probably be at the top of the game). He knew that he wanted it to have a BritPop, New Order vibe. He started talking to David Debiak as early as The Black Parade era (2006, for you children out there who don't remember) and, now, after years of waiting, the band has finally been unveiled with a bang, with a cover on Alternative Press' newest issue.

I'm going to admit, I was a little wary when I clicked on the new song. First of all, I had no idea that Mikey Way could sing and I know that projects that are started almost immediately after a band ends typically don't end well. But, "I Lied" is a solid track reminiscent of a New London Fire track but with a little more grit and energy. There's not a lot of My Chem in this song (actually, arguably there's nothing My Chem about this track) but, I like that. I like that Mikey isn't trying to recreate something great. I like that he's found his own sound and was able to further break out of his own shell and grow as a musician.

Electric Century, if this one song is anything to go by, is definitely going to appeal to a whole new group of fans. This isn't the Peter Murphy/ Freddie Mercury goth meets Broadway music that My Chem made. This is something deeply rooted in Brit Pop and New Wave and it's exciting. Not only are new fans going to have some amazing new music but they will also have the opportunity to learn about My Chem and New London Fire and really see where the roots of this new act lie.

My verdict: it's an amazing track for a new band and I can't wait to see what else Mikey's going to give fans. But, don't let me sway you. Check out the song below and make your own decision.

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