Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Music Alert: E-Mute

   If you like smooth vocals, incredible musicianship, and creative melodies, then you need to check out one of my favorite singer-songwriters from England. E-Mute, the project of singer-songrwriter Theo, is a project that is cross between Dommin, Panic! At the Disco and old-school Thirty Seconds to Mars. He recently just put out a new song that features some of the most beautiful piano playing in a while. Now, I've been a fan for about a year, ever since I heard the song "Clocks Move Forward." I was drawn in by the almost vaudevillian sound of the whole work and have since been following his progress. I was sent his latest song, "Miracle."

    The vocals have come a long way since "Clocks Move Forward" and it seems Theo's found the range best suited to him. Singing at a lower octave than normal, Theo is showcasing more power and range than ever before and it fits the dramatic piano playing. 

  Check out the new single above and pre-order it here. You can also follow E-Mute on Twitter.

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