Monday, March 3, 2014

New Music Mix

I enjoy making mixes WAY too much. It's a problem. Anyway, in order to make myself feel better about the bitter cold that is still plaguing New York, I decided to make a mix of some of the newer stuff that I just added to my iTunes. There are some indie acts and some better known ones on here so enjoy it here.

The track listing:

1. She Like the Drama- Sisteray
    You'll like these guys if you enjoy a weird mix of Maximo Park and the Arctic Monkeys.

2. Overdose- Maudlin Strangers
    Again, these guys have a crazy Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, old school Kings of Leon vibe to them. Oh, and I wrote a little post about them a while ago: Maudlin Strangers.

3. I Lied- Electric Century
    Mikey Way's new band that reminds me of New London Fire on acid.

4. Siren- The Palace Wolves
    Really fun, almost Interpol sounding band. Give them a listen.

5. Riptide- Vance Joy
    Bon Iver meets Jack Johnson. Savvy?

6. Fortune Teller- The 48k's
    Doncaster, England based band that has a gritty, punk rock vibe to them. Kind of like England's answer to the Dropkick Murphys.

7. Dreaming- Smallpools
    A more energetic 1975

8. The City- The 1975
     Definitely one of my favorite songs off their self-titled debut. The 1975 are a band I'm willing to drive to BALTIMORE for.

9. Hurricane- MS MR
    They remind me of a more feminine Hurts. They have that same deranged pop vibe to them.

10. Buttons- The Weeks
     Kind of what Kings of Leon could have been if they had just stuck to what they were good at. Ironically, they're on Kings of Leon owned label, Serpents and Snakes.

11. A Little Death- The Neighbourhood
      There's something incredibly gritty and urban about this band and this song is in my top three tracks by them.

12. 14- Palma Violets
       They're like the second coming of The Libertines and this track is the one that has a tendency to stay stuck in my head the longest.

13. Demon Dance- Surfer Blood
      The song reminds me of the summer. I want the warmth. Therefore, I will add this track to the mix.

14. Lost Boys and Girls Club- Dum Dum Girls
      Dum Dum Girls is a better, more sultry sounding version of the Savages and I just love the name of the song.

Again, you can check out the mix here.

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