Monday, March 17, 2014

XTRMST is Davey Havok...and JADE PUGET!!!

     Remember how I mentioned that Davey Havok had a new side project? Well, I was kind of bummed that he wasn't forming it with his partner in crime, guitarist Jade Puget. Ever since Jade joined AFI for Black Sails in the Sunset, it's seemed like the songwriting duo couldn't be parted. And for good reason. Anything those two write turns out to be gold. When I listened to XTRMST, I thought it had a very Jade vibe in terms of guitar work but everyone was talking about Davey; I thought that Havok had left my lovely Puget behind.

  But Jade just confirmed that XTRMST is, in fact, he and Davey's new band:


"More to come"? Ummm, if that means album and tour, I'm so on that. 

 What's really cool about these two is that they also have an electronic side project, Blaqk Audio, which has also been successful. So, really, they can change up their hats to any style and make it work. Not many can do that but, then again, Jade and Davey are definitely a unique songwriting pair. 

 Check out XTRMST here and here. You don't want to be the one kid that missed out on this.


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