Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bands You Should Know: Bad Things

For fans of: San Cisco, Bad Suns, The Weeks

    Okay, so, you have even more of a reason to be jealous of Shaun White. Not only is he a phenomenal snowboarder, successful entrepreneur, and amazing skateboarder, he just so happens to also be a pretty decent guitarist with a BAND. Yes, a band. I've known for a while that he can play the guitar (I watched a lot of snowboarding DVDs in my teens...too many) and I heard some buzz about the band, Bad Things, (they played their first New York City gig last year at Santos Party House) but I hadn't really listened to them. The other day I grew curious and checked them out.

   Okay, so, they're not really my cup of tea. I mean, I could definitely see myself chilling out and reading while listening to them but they're not my go to music, savvy? But they're definitely goof. They have solid vocals and great musicianship with a very California vibe to them (shocker considering at least three members are California natives). They play the kind music that should be featured on old school high school dramas (think The O.C or One Tree Hill) but the music is catchy and fun. And while they're on the cusp of being poppy,  Davis LeDuke's vocals are just scratchy enough to lend them that bit of edge. Their dance along the line between pop and "rock" makes the band a bit more commercially viable than most bands popping up these days.

"Caught Inside" - Bad Things

   If you're into them, then check out the band's website where you can find tour information (hint: if you're a Southern reader, then they might be coming near your this summer) and more. 

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