Friday, June 6, 2014

Concert Review: The 1975 at Rams Head Live

   Remember how a few months ago I mentioned that I was a failure of a fangirl and had to road trip it down to Baltimore in order to catch the 1975? Yeah, well, Thursday night, June 5th, I slithered my way through the crowd to get close enough to the stage in order to bring back accurate reports of the greatness that was the 1975. 

   It was a hardship. Really.

   Opening the night was the Bad Suns, a Los Angeles group that had a San Cisco meets Vampire Weekend vibe to them. I'd heard them before the concert, but was impressed by the band's stage presence. Some of the songs sound a little too much alike but they're young and haven't released an album yet so I'm sure they'll develop their sound more. Their stage presence could use some fine tuning but all in all they were enjoyable and not the worst I've heard.

    The 1975 came on and the crowd became a very different crowd. The girls shrieked, people shoved and I was afforded with the lovely view of a middle aged couple practically having sex in the middle of the crowd (dudes, no, just stop). Their set was high energy from the get go, interspersed with some slower favorites like "Me" and "Fallingforyou" (cue Toni's fangirl swooning because those are my FAVORITES). The thing I really enjoyed was the fact that they didn't just stick to what's on the standard album; the band played songs such as "Heads.Cars.Bending" next to hits like "Girls" and "M.O.N.E.Y." They paced the night brilliantly, jumping back and forth between high energy tracks and slowing it down a bit either with a slower song or a mini-speech from the constantly swaying Matt Healy. 

 Matt Healy is, himself, a sigh to behold on stage. He seems like something out of a Tim Burton or Gris Grimly drawing, all lean lines and wild, dark hair. His voice is even more powerful live and his presence, though not overly done, is felt throughout the room. He spent the night switching from playing the guitar to wielding just the mic, making sure to leave enough time to take a pull from his ever-present wine bottle. He knew how to play the crowd and definitely kept the girls on the edge of rioting all night.

   The band finished the main set, leaving the crowd to chant "we want sex." They came on to deafining cheers and launched right into the three song encore, which was pretty stellar. They started off with my personal fave, "Robbers" (you have not lived until you have seen it live), and went right into "Chocolate" and ended with "Sex" (guess the crowd got what they wanted).

  It was definitely one of the best performances I've experienced in a long time and I've already made plans to see them closer to home at Terminal 5 on December 5 (so stoked). 
  If you want to see more glorious photos, head over to my Flickr album and check them out.

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