Monday, June 16, 2014

Jamie Campbell Bower Sings?

I've known for a while that actor Jamie Campbell Bower can sing (Sweeney Todd, lovelies) and that he's a huge hard rock fan (he was incredibly excited about A Day to Remember's latest release, Common Courtesy) but I had no idea that the actor/model could also sing and play guitar. Turns out he can and he's got a new band called The Darling Buds with friends Tristan Marmont, Dan Smith, and Roland Johnson.

I came across this little gem of a hard rock act when I was scrolling through Twitter on line at the coffee shop. I couldn't very well listen then but I favorited the little tweet and found it later. This started my two hours of searching for info and watching fan videos of their must recent gigs in LA.

I'm a little hooked. I mean, their sound is raw but Jamie's got a unique voice for the genre, high and melodic but with the right amount of edge roughening it up a bit. The instrumentals are there and, with some work, they should be a band that most Hot Topic loiterers will have in their iPhones.

What I really love about this is that this is another actor going about creating a band the right way. He's not using his pull (at least from what I can see) to get a massive record deal; he and his band mates are actually doing small free gigs and really building up steam in a DIY fashion.

Now, if only he'd bring this lovely act to New York.

Anyway, check out the band's Facebook and watch one of their most recent performances below.

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