Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mat Devine is Goldblooded

    Mat Devine has been one of my biggest influences creatively since I was twelve. As the lead singer of Kill Hannah, he captured my attention with his unique voice and crazy style that reminded me of Edward Scissorhands meets Dickensonian London. There was something wild about him and, to a twelve year old caught in the vortex of 90s and millennial era boy bands and brought up on a steady diet of rock n' roll and classical, Devine was different and new and something inherently mine because I discovered him before anyone showed him and Kill Hannah to me.


   Anyway, I've been a huge fan since I was a pre-teen and have seen a few Kill Hannah shows, met the band and have his autograph saved in a scrap book in my room. Obviously, this is becoming a life long passion. So, when he announced he was working on a solo effort I was stoked. He's been campaigning for the record for a little over a month now and as of today he's achieved 44% of his goal. 

  Now, I pledged that first day and, unfortunately, until my next paycheck, can't really pledge again because, you know, I'm a broke grad student teaching kids basic vocab for a living. ANYWAY, I decided to show you guys the video for the song "Birds of Prey", hoping it will entice the lot of you to maybe spare some shekels and DONATE TO THE CAUSE. (I want this album, people; it needs to be in my hands and ears and blasting from my car so I can annoy the new neighbors who don't know the unwritten parking rules of my hometown). 

    If that The Cure meets Bauhaus meets The XX track doesn't convince you to pledge, then maybe the idea that Gerard Way contributed to one of the tracks will. Yes, Gerard Way or he who will not be named because he said a bird made him realize that My Chem had to end. I'm still bitter. 

    Oh, and there are different levels of pledges so maybe you're a trust fund baby who wants a little more than just a CD. You can spend anywhere from $10 to $5000 (the other two amounts seem a little far fetched but, hey, if you have a $1,000,000 to spare, be my guest and check them out) where you can get Mat Devine to play a house party (why is the New School taking my money for education when it can be well spent on a house party?). Pretty sweet, eh?

   If thou art interested in contributing to this most noble of causes, head on over to Mat Devine's site and pledge away, darlings. 

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