Thursday, July 31, 2014

Best Band Bios

  I'm a rather voracious reader. It's a thing. For instance, this summer alone I have read about fifteen books. As a music enthusiast, rock n' roll bios are some of my favorite things to read and I decided to make all you lovely people a list of my top six fave bios. They span the spectrum of rock genres but it's really not about the music these guys play; these books are amazing for the insight into the creative process as well as great time stamps of certain eras in music. 

  And, I wouldn't be me if I didn't make you guys a playlist to go along with these books, would I? Check it out here and maybe read a few of these books (I have to say that the Stones one is my fave).

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Album Review: The 48Ks' "For Every Day a Memory"

    Doncaster, England might be well-known around the world as One Direction member Louis Tomlinson's hometown but underneath that shadow is an indie band called The 48Ks. I first discovered them last year via Twitter and have become rather hooked on their simplistic, raw sound that reminds me of college bars and nights attempting to find a taxi back to campus. Luckily they sent me the link to their album and I decided to tell you all about why you, my good sirs and ladies, should go off and, at the very least, listen to it (and, you know, maybe spare some shekels and buy it).

    Their album, For Every Day a Memory, is a feel-good soundtrack that I demand each and every one of you blast while pre-gaming. The album is full of sing-a-longs, such as "Lead the Way", that are reminiscent of Against Me! and Dropkick Murphys. The simple chord progression and the gritty singing will definitely get you moving and, at some point during the night, you'll find yourself mouthing along to the words. What they're really good at, though, is pacing. The album is ordered in such a way that it kind of reads like a night out. There's the excitement and the anticipation, those fast paced opening tracks, and then theres the moment when it just slows down for a bit. That just happens to be my favorite track;"Forget Never Met"is one of their slower numbers, a pseudo-rockabilly tune that brings Tiger Army to mind.

  The band's sound sticks out because of how American it sounds; there's almost a honky-tonk, southern rock vibe coursing through the riffs, which is pretty cool considering their Anglo origins. All in all, the album is a solid debut from a band who knows how to craft tunes that are both mature and fun without falling into that pop-punk drivel I'm becoming sick of.

  You can stream the entire album on Soundcloud (totally worth the listen) and can get more info on the band at their website.