Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Music and a Contest from The 1975

So, the lovely boys from Macclesfield have been teasing their fans for quite some time now. Little Facebook and Twitter posts proclaiming, "Big news coming soon! Sign up for the mailing list," would pop up from time to time and they were posting images, like the one above, on their social media accounts. Now, I just thought they were adding more tour dates, considering they just did that here in the U.S. (they are playing maybe fifteen minutes from my house but I have class that night; thank God I already bought tickets to two other shows.)

Then the announcement came.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my email until way into the night (I'm looking at whoever runs the mailing list for The 1975) but, around 12:30 yesterday afternoon, Tumblr was buzzing about a new song that will be included on something quite special.

Back in 2011, there was this little flick called Drive. It's an incredible film starring my beloved Ryan Gosling as a stunt driver who moonlights as a get away driver. The driver gets embroiled in all this mob business and, in the end, has to go on the run. Not important. The important thing is that BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe is rescoring the film.

Not too many people are thrilled with the re-scoring thing but I happen to be quite excited. Not only is the line up amazing- CHVRCHES, Bring Me the Horizon, and The 1975 just to name a few- but the concept it amazing. How many times have you had your own playlist for different movies or TV shows? Zane Lowe is getting the chance to do something we have all only dreamed of doing.

I'm a bit jealous.

Well, Matty Healy had some incredibly thoughtful things to say about the song and what it means to be a part of the new score. He called it one of his most "personal and best loved pieces of music to date." Considering other songs that have earned those words of praise are "Me" and "Woman", I'm pretty sure "Medicine" is going to turn out just as amazing.

Well, The 1975 didn't stop there. They're going to release 1000 limited edition, clear, pressed vinyl versions of the song for lucky fans randomly drawn from those signed up for the mailing list.

Haven't signed up for their mailing list yet? Head on over to the band's website and get on it. I'm sure all the little diehards are just itching to get their hands on that clear vinyl.

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