Friday, November 7, 2014

My New Writing Music Obsession: John Butler Trio

   This is for all my folk-music loving readers out there. These guys, who I was recently introduced to while interviewing an old band from my town, are AMAZING. Their guitar work is some of the best I've heard in a while and is definitely a great soundtrack when you just need to sit down and write (or paint or whatever it is all of you people do in your free time). They have a  very laid back sound to them, which is why I was not in the least surprised when I found out they hailed from Australia (the land of other great musicians like good old Daniel Johns). 

  Formed back in 1998 (yeah, yeah, I'm late to the party) by guitarist and vocalist John Butler, an APRA and Aria-award winning musician, the line up has gone through a couple of changes but the core has been Mr. Butler and his incredible musicianship. 

John Butler Trio- "Ocean"

   He's got a very folk-inspired style that fits your snowboarding playlist perfectly but, not only that, he's creative, having skills and ideas that are seriously lacking from today's artists. While his long guitar pieces are my favorite ("Mist" is a great track you should all download off of iTunes NOW), his shorter pieces are also incredible, kind of like a more talented Jack Johnson.

  The band released its sixth studio album, Flesh and Blood, back in February of 2014. 

  If you want more info, check out the band's Facebook or official website

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