Friday, November 7, 2014

Relapse Symphony Wants Its Fans Help

  Okay, I'm not sure how I feel about this but The Relapse Symphony (I wrote about them back in the summer) have asked its fans to help the members put together their new album.

  I know, I know, what? Okay, from what I gathered off their minuscule post on Facebook, the band has a ton of music that its going to curate for its next album. Savvy? Okay, so Bret Von Dahl and crew need their fans help to pick out the songs. How? Just tell them what you're fave Relapse Symphony song is.

   Why do I have reservations about this? Well, it kind of seems to go against the artistic idea of a band. You should be creating for yourself and worrying about reception later. I mean, if we all based our art off of what our fans think, then it wouldn't be organic or true to ourselves and who we are as individuals at that time. It's like basing your outfit off of what your friends think is cool and not on what you want to wear. Savvy?

  So, while I think the band's attentiveness to its fans is amazing, I'm also a little disappointed that they would compromise themselves in such a way.

  If you're a fan, head on over to the band's Facebook and let them know what your fave song is and ignore this twenty-something cynic. I probably would have told My Chem to write a million "Disenchanted"s if I had the chance.

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