Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lynette Williams and This Is Not Radio at Joe's Pub

   New York is my home and, as much as I belittle the city for its horrific smell in the summer and its taxi driver's less than ideal driving abilities, I do love it and hope that it can one day reclaim its rightful position as capitol of the music world. The only way its going to do that is with its residents' help. 

  Here's your first mission.

  Everyone here should know by now how much I love Lynette Williams' music. Anyway, she is hosting a showcase for some amazingly talented artists who are all a part of the Williams founded community This is Not the Radio at the legendary Joe's Pub this Friday, January 2nd. Tickets aren't that bad, maybe 3-4 of those expensive latte's you all guzzle like the free water you get at restaurants, and you'll be supporting an amazing, completely holistic arts community that really takes the ideas that I have always supported- the union between arts and fans in a community setting- and brings them to life. 

Founded in 2012 by the amazing Lynette Williams, This is Not the Radio, or TINTR, is a community of musicians trying to connect fans and musicians. What's great is that these aren't individuals looking to fall into the cookie cutter mainstream norm. They are making music that they want to make without compromising their values as musicians and artists.

Before I go on and on about the relationship between musicians and fans, I'm just going to leave the link for the tickets here and the lovely Facebook event page. If you want more info on This is Not Radio, check out their website

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